Scientific project

The scientific project of the Montesquieu Research Institute (IRM - EA 7434) consists of using the contributions of the social sciences to analyse law and politics and, more particularly, the study of the forms and representations of modernity. Made up mainly of specialists from the field of political science and the history of law, the laboratory takes a resolutely multidisciplinary approach: its members draw on the resources of history, sociology, anthropology and civilisation studies to address and comprehend the legal and political phenomena characteristic of western modernity.

The forms and representations of modernity are analysed from four angles (cf. below detailed description of these four areas) by two internal teams.

However, the teams work on joint projects, in order to get a better grasp of the forms and representations of legal and political modernity in all their diversity and complexity.

The IRM's governance consists of a director and an assistant director, supported by a board of directors made up of the directors and assistant directors of the two internal teams.


The CAHD focuses its work on a single area: the history of modern and contemporary legal thinking (15th-21st centuries). The history of legal thinking is the diachronic and synchronic study of legal knowledge and the representations of jurists, but also of law in society. It is, at the same time, a socio-historical approach and a contextual study of history.


The CMRP team works in three areas: comparative analysis of political ideas, mainly focused on the issue of democracy, but also ecology and globalisation, comparative analysis of political regimes, both in the western world (in particular the Nordic countries and the CEECs) and in Africa, the Middle East (Turkey), Latin America and the Caribbean and that of multicultural political societies; security studies, through the analysis of public defence and security policies, violence and conflicts, State knowledge in the face of risk and uncertainty.

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